This is always and for everyone: Meatball skewers on roasted vegetables

A simple meal, which for everyone is and that this also beautiful fresh and colorful are: Also meatballs skewers on roasted vegetables

the meatballs as meatballs cooked in a pan, and only then put on skewers - it's quick and simple, but visually makes what her (and is particularly effective in. 6-year-old totally good). The vegetables first boil soft in water, are then fried in a pan briefly and spicy and finally comes neatly sorted on a plate. Since everyone can sort of his favorite vegetables serve and there is no complaining (the son: "Ihhhhhh ... I do not like asparagus!" The man: "The spring onions are still a bit too crisp"). As a loving mother and good host, you integrate at least one vegetable that tastes the vast majority of people; for example carrots. Right and left then sometimes even the demanding "exotics" on the plate. You know what I mean.

The jerky Habanero remoulade makes for a sophisticated twist and delights especially the adults. Of course children taste the panacea Ketchup very well do so.

And this is how it works for 3 people:

Meatball skewers
400 g mixed organic -Hack with 4 tbsp breadcrumbs , 1 tbsp. Mustard , salt and pepper kneaded. Make about 15 small balls from the hack. Heat 1 tbsp of butter lard (or ghee) in a pan and brown the meatballs on all sides. Stick the meatballs on three wooden or metal skewers and keep warm.

Vegetable plate
Vegetables to whet your appetite, mood and season (eg carrots, green asparagus, spring onions, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, cauliflower) clean, wash and cut larger pieces into strips or chopsticks. Cook the vegetables in salted water just soft, first adding the hard vegetables with a longer cooking time to the pot and adding the more delicate ones later. Drain everything on a clean dishcloth or kitchen paper . Heat in a pan 1 teaspoon of clarified butter (or ghee) and fry the vegetables in a short and spicy sauce. Season with salt and pepper . Arrange them separately on a plate (Do not worry, this will be faster than you think).

Habanero Remoulade
1/2 yellow Habanero chilli (or any other variety) without chopping the seeds and partitions finely. 1 Spring onion or shallot finely chop. 1 Tomato core and finely chop. Stir chili, onion and tomato with 4-5 tablespoons mayonnaise and salt to taste and pepper .

Tip 1: This can of course be prepared on the grill in summer.It smells fantastic!

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