Bone Suckin 'salmon salsa in avocado buttermilk cold dish

Human, Human, Human - Why I have I just picked a soup with salmon? When I said joyfully and honored at the end of last year to participate in Steffen Sinzinger's blog event "- in 4 courses", I had no idea what challenges the salmon in the soup would put me in sunny and summery Hamburg. And temporally and technically. (If I am mercilessly honest, though, I should have known.)

At this point, I'd like to pay tribute to all the blogging and non-blogging blog event participants. You guys are great! How do you like that time just recipes, dishes and ideas on the strangest topics from the sleeve shake - terrific! Regardless of whether you use regionally-seasonal and crassly exotic ingredients, or even send packets with thematically homemade items to the other end of the republic on time for exchange partners: I admire and envy you. Because I just can not easily put something into my everyday life. Because such dates are always absolutely surprising and because my creativity then immediately dives in shock. Because I spontaneously get a hamstring in my calf and can only move very slowly and limping. In short, I'm just not made for blog events. Actually, I know that. But, as we know, hope dies last.

So I sat in front of this seemingly unsolvable Aufagbe to sink a salmon in a soup in the incredibly summery Hamburg. Or at least parts of salmon. I have broken my head from the beginning to the end about essences, reductions, funds, foam and all sorts of Tüdelü. Especially after I had once again glanced at the wonderful and painting-like plates of my Companeros. Gnaaaa.

In the end, I sighed and admitted that I just did not belong to the Foie Gras Gel Deconstructivism faction and put the salmon into the best bone suckin 'spice of all and then into something down to earth thrown - a spicy-fruity salsa. The is surrounded by a soft green avocado buttermilk cold shell. Colorful, fresh, summery - and delicious. Uffz! I would say: Salmon, the two of us got the ice off the ice again! Even including deco-Schischi on the edge. Although a few days late (very sorry Steffen!).

Um, when were the next three gears?

And this is how it works for 4 portions:

Wash, dab, split into 3 pieces and with 2 teaspoons of Bone Suckin 'Seasoning Rub 125 g of decent salmon fillet rub. Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and fry the salmon pieces on each side for 1 minute until a nice, dark crust forms. Then reduce the heat and let stand in about 5 minutes. Allow to cool.

1/2 do not peel too ripe mango , 1 red onion peel, 1 hot pepper brush, 8 cm snake cucumber and 2 spring onions wash. Cut the vegetables into small, even cubes or rings and mix in a bowl.Slice 1/2 bunch of chives in rolls. Cut the salmon into small pieces, add to the salsa and mix gently. Slightly pull through.

1 big ripe avocado cut lengthwise, remove the core and lift out the pulp with a spoon. With 500 ml buttermilk , 1 chopped spring onion , the juice 1/2 lime , 1 large garlic clove , Salt , pepper and 1 pinch of cinnamon in a blender until smooth.

Fill the salmon salsa into small molds or espresso cups, Press lightly and tumble into deep plates. Pour the avocado cold shell.

If you like, you can make a nice deco for hot peppers, mango, cucumber and other ingredients.

GourmetGuerilla - Bone Suckin 'Salmon Salsa in an Avocado Buttermilk Cold Dish